Kildonan Handwash

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Kildonan is a blend of sweet and delicate violet warmed with the glow of velvety orris. Encapsulating the tranquillity of Kildonan basking in the late, summer sun. Escape to paradise with our new scent.

This indulgently foaming hand wash is gently formulated to deeply cleanse, whilst providing a fresh and floral fragrance.

Kildonan is our first new scent in ten years and we want to transport you to the south of the island. The beach is lined with silver sand, and large, rugged rock formations create natural break waters - stilling the water’s surface. 

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Directions For Use

For best results, wash as often as required and then moisturise with Kildonan Hand Cream

Key Points
  • Cleansing formula
  • Vibrant, floral fragrance