Postponed Wedding Card

Postponed Wedding Card

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When yer pal’s wedding’s been cancelled because of Coronavirus and you still want to send them a wee something for the original date, this card is perfect.

“We ken today’s hard but keep yer heids

Have a wee carry-oot and dinnae feel doon

When the virus is gone and yer big day is here

It’ll be the best and bonniest party in toon”

Hiya Pal cards are made from good quality linen embossed card, they are designed, cut and then pieced together by hand with real tartan in Bonnie Scotland.

As the cards are handmade, each one will be slightly different - please note that the specific tartan in this photograph may vary from the tartan in the card you receive, I use tartan offcuts from a kiltmaker in Edinburgh and do not always have the same tartans in stock.