Set Coloured Metal Drinking Straws

Set Coloured Metal Drinking Straws

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These stainless steel drinking straws are finely crafted using the highest grade of 18/8 stain and corrosion resistant chromium steel alloy, to create a drinking accessory for the modern age.

The thermal properties of steel drinking straws mean your drink will remain cool and refreshing long after pouring. Try refrigerating your straws before use to keep your drink extra cold without the need for dilution with ice.

Worldwide tens of billions of non-degradable plastic straws are wasted each year, with many making their way into the ocean and landfills causing destruction and distress for natural ecosystems.

To clean, simply use the supplied cleaning tool and warm, soapy water.

The gift set includes 6 x 22cm angled straws in red, teal, blue, gold, copper and purple; 1 x cleaning tool and a luxury lidded gift box.